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The Old Land

Who created the Old Land, and when did it happen? Was it like the Church of the First Dawn preaches, that Sowila, Goddess of the Sun, sculpted it from fire to house her firstborn children, the elves? Did the Half-Dead God Eallus create it, before he went to sleep and his children went off to war? Or are the pitiful goblins closer to the mark, when their mystics say the world was made by all the gods, to be a great breeding pit couched in the heavens?

There is probably some truth to all of these stories. Ealdland, ‘the Old Land’ is a savage and ancient place, filled with barbarians and dying empires, strange gods and forgotten powers, and, as the name suggests, older than anyone can reckon.

-Ein Ketzer Almanach, A.E. 675

The current year is 688 by the Abelardian Calendar, and it is summer.

Ein Ketzer Almanach

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