Valantir/Valandir— Battle-god and weaponsmith of Elves. Usually depicted with a wild main of hair the color of iron, brandishing his tongs and hammer or his sword, Elka. It was with the ever-sharp Elka that Valantir killed the dragon Opirriandr and stole fire from its chest for his forge. He is commonly shown with multiple arms split at the elbows to represent his industriousness and his swift skill with blade and hammer. May have been a syncretization of an early mannish (Proto-solan) god of the east.

Personality: Valandir is fiercely independent and industrious. Dynamic, he can do multiple tasks at once. However, he hates to have his work interrupted, whether it be slaying the foes of elfkind or blessing newly forged weapons. Valandir also has a hatred of reptilian things. To a lesser degree he represents the elvish conception of beauty and beautiful craftsmanship, and so is opposed to the hideous and the monstrous.

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