The patron god of the gnomes, Guilain Gemlover is a complex deity who ties the gnomish peoples together and reminds them not to take life too seriously, because nothing ever really changes. While he did not create the gnomes , the first stories involving them also involve him, often taking the form of a large badger or a small bear.

The earliest and most definitive myth involving Guilain and the Gnomes says that Guilain had spent ages foraging for anything he could eat, and, exhausted, returned to his burrow to sleep. However, he could not sleep for fear that the Mole King would spring up from beneath Guilain’s cavern and steal all his food (and gems, which encrusted the inside of it) or do him harm. Thus alarmed by this thought, he changed into a little man and lit a candle to keep the watch. When he did this the spirits that had lived forever in the gems of his cave walls, leaped forth, taking on the form of the little man reflected off of facets in the candlelight. He put them to work guarding his food and gems, which they gladly did, calling him brother.

These gnimeil, or omnipresent spirits of gem and light, are the ur-gnomes in their mythology, and are able to take the forms of small men to manipulate the physical world. In the stories about him, it is assumed that Guilain is one of the gnimeil, and the first one to be given a name.

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