In Alvar mythology, Amar of the Infinite Horizons is a proto-deity who created their creator, Sowila, goddess of the Sun, and Nihtha, the goddess of the Moon. He is often depicted as a pot-bellied humanoid with the heads of a white raven, and a heron. He is a master of time, having created it in documenting it with his two daughter-godesses.

The gnomish conception of time holds that their world only changes slightly, going around in a cycle as time passes it by; this is explained mythically in a story about the Great Amruen, a huge turtle, who emerges from a long slumber at the bottom of the River of Time and has the idea that he will sun his shell. Unfortunately for Amruen, he (or she) had only dreamt of the sun, down in the cold mud below Time, and it did not exist yet. Angry, Amruen shook its shell and cast off all the River mud to find that three gems remained: A tiny, loam-encrusted geode, a pearl from a River Snail (or a Snail’s shell), and a large, briliant diamond lodged at the peak of its shell. Swimming against the current and remaining relatively static, Amruen found that it could catch the light from the universe’s stars in its diamond, which would glow with great heat and warm him as in his dream of a sun. Meanwhile, the little geode rolled around the rim of its shell as it rocked back and forth, and Amruen made it a game to keep the river pearl going around the geode. Soon enough little spirits of light emerged from the sparkling loam of the geode and danced about, becoming the first people. They were able to be warmed by the pearl at night time, as it reflected the diamond’s light. Because Amruen never really goes anywhere, and the geode of the world spins in a circle forever, only small changes take place in the scope of time.

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