Eallus (True Neutral)— Glorious All-father, the Half-Dead God, the Old Sleeper, much like Wuldor/Ullr. He means many things to many people, although his power is eclipsed by that of his second wife, Sowila, patron goddess of the Sun Empire, and to a lesser extent his three sons. He is a god of the earth, and is well-known for long periods of loneliness and melancholy in which he slept. He is a slow god, slow to creating things, and slow to anger, but once he gets angry he stays that way for long tracts of time. “Holds a grudge like Eallus” is a common saying in the Allied Kingdoms for one who does not easily forgive. Eallus has been diminished since the creation of his twin sons, Frayen and Tirus, who have taken over certain domains of their father, along with some of his power and duties. It is said that when the Sun and the Earth made love for the first time, the Earth was so enamored that he gave a part of his inner fire to her so that she could burn twice as bright and pass that fire onto their twin sons. However, this depleted him, which is why he spends so much time in slumber and is known as the Half-Dead God or the Old Sleeper. A truly chthonic god, Eallus has many names and was once the god of magic, war, and art. Now more generalized, he has mostly given those domains over to his offspring.

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