Abelardian Calendar

Ancient Calendar Spread Newly across the World

The most common system for tracking the days, months and years in Ealdland. The Sun Emperor Abelardus Ingenos I adopted this form of calendar from the Niirians, after conquering them nearly 700 years ago. Implemented in territories of the Sun Empire, it quickly spread to much of the rest of the Old Land. By its reckoning, years are referenced by placing an A.E. (Abelardian Era) or B.A.E. (Before Abelardian Era) in front of the appropriate numerals.


B.A.E 23: Abelardus Ingenos I is born in the [[City of Sol.]]

A.E. 1: Abelardus I finishes conquering Niiria and implements the Abelardian Calendar.

A.E. 3: Abelardus Ingenos II is born.

A.E. 56: Abelardus Ingenos II become Emperor of the Sun Empire

A.E. 72 Charul I is born. Adopted by Abelardus II.

A.E 80: Abelardus II names Charul I his heir.

A.E. 89: Charul I becomes Emperor of the Sun Empire

A.E. 111 Charul II is born in Sol.

A.E. 113: Charul I begins his campaign against the barbarian tribes of west Geier.

A.E. 130: Charul I conquers the Geierlands. The Emperor’s grandson, Charul III, is born in Sol.

A.E. 161: The Great Charul I dies. Charul II is sworn in as Emperor.

A.E. 168: Emperor Charul II dies. Charul III is sworn in as Emperor.

A.E. 567: The Three-Kingdoms Alliance is formed.

A.E. 616: The Barbarian Queen rises in the East.

A.E. 656: The Barbarian Queen sacks Sol and marches west towards the Three Kingdoms.

A.E. 660: The Barbarian Queen’s forces become lost in the Eclipse Range during winter, before they can reach the Three Kingdoms.

A.E. 688: Present year.

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