The Looming Queen.

Welcome, welcome, welcome, disfortunate traveler of kingly demesnes! You have stumbled into the town of Larkspur in the mid-east part of the Pine Kingdom. Larkspur’s overlooked by its namesake, a huge spur of granite that juts from an island in the Pine River, which the dwarves long ago hewed into a fortress. Larkspur Keep, as it is called, is very important to the town it guards since the entire community is up against the westerly foothills of the Eclipse Range. This means they live, always, under the threat of a hobgoblin or barbarian raiding party descending from the mountains.

Strangely enough, the fingers of the setting sun bounce off granite and snow surfaces of the Ecliptic’s western side well into dusk, keeping the goblin hordes subdued when they would normally raid. (This is why the local temples of Sol will tell you the Pine Kingdom is blessed by that august Goddess, called Sowila in these lands. Don’t mention to them that the Kingdom doesn’t get nearly as much morning light.) It also helps that the Barbarian Queen, Cimbrille, who has made the highest peak her home for twenty years or more, has kept to to the tentative treaty Theodric the Badger convinced her to sign a decade ago.


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